Pure Badger Shaving Brush

Pure badger grade shaving brushes are a great entry level option at an economical price. This grade of hair is the least expensive badger option and it is often darker or even black in color. The pure badger shaving brush hair does not hold as much water as the higher-end grades of hair, but still is effective in creating a lather and lifting the whiskers. 

Pure badger shaving brushes are the most common type of shaving brush used. Pure badger hair is picked from the neck, shoulders, abdomen and buttocks of the badger and so is made up of hair which covers around 60% of a badger's body. The hair of a pure badger shaving brush varies greatly in softness, colour and pliability. Pure badger shaving brushes are predominantly dark in colour but can fluctuate between a light tan colour to a near black silvery sheen.
The hair of a pure badger shaving brush is coarser than that of best or silvertip shaving brushes due to its noticeably larger shaft.


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