About Us

 The Vintage Barbers has been producing the highest quality state of the art instruments since 2006.
Our mandate strives for excellence in production, delivery and service of our product. The Vintage Barbers is dedicated to the production of the highest quality individually handcrafted instruments, in the industry.  Our product is renowned over the world for uncompromising quality of precision, durability and reliability. German forged instruments are finely and meticulously handcrafted by artisans in our state of the art manufacturing facility.  With our robust and efficient production process we are able to provide our customers with excellent product in time to meet their demand.
The Leader In Quality And Excellent Value

The Vintage Barbers is very proud of its products and confident that all instruments are manufactured with the utmost precision, high standards & quality, All of our razors and brush made with quality grade material.

Custom Manufacturer and Private Labelling

As a manufacturer we have the ability to custom manufacture and private label any of our products.  A variety of finishes are available.  Some of our more common finishes include: sand blasted (matte), polished (mirror), electroplated (gold), black oxidized, anodized and satin.  Custom orders are available to suit the customer’s preference.  Please contact with your requirements and we will be happy to meet your design needs.

Warehouse & Stock Keeping

We also maintain a full warehouse of in-stock instruments. Through an advanced inventory control system, we offer same day shipping. This enables us to service our customers quickly and economically.
Free Shipping

We offer free shipping on purchasing above 250$ through out the United Kingdom. All goods are packaged carefully.  In the unlikely event that goods arrive in substandard condition please report this condition to the delivering carrier immediately and to  The Vintage Barbers concurrently!


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